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How do we do it?
Our team of experts ensure perfection with these steps
Content Planning
Content planning with a creative director involves meticulously crafting and executing a cohesive content strategy to captivate audiences and achieve brand objectives.
Shooting Schedule
Shooting with a creative director entails translating conceptual visions into visually compelling narratives through expert direction, cinematography, and production techniques.
Video Editting
Editing and refining raw footage into polished, impactful content that tells a compelling story and resonates with the intended audience, while staying true to the brand's vision and message.

Proven Success

We've assisted brands across diverse industries worldwide, showcasing our unparalleled skills from fashion to food brands and everything inbetween.
Brand Projects
Social Reels
Video Views
Grow Your Brand with Cass Brothers Productions' Expertise
Grow Your Brand with Cass Brothers Productions' Expertise


Social Media Content Packages

Our unique subscription packages for those brands who are seeking expertise to express their brand!
  • Starting Up
    Base Package
    billed every 4 weeks
    • Content Creation Plan
    • 10 reels
    • 2 Images
  • Expand & Growth
    For growing companies
    billed every 4 weeks
    • Content Creation Plan
    • 20 reels
    • 4 images
  • Done For You
    For Busy Businesses
    billed every 4 weeks
    • Market Research
    • Content Creation Plan
    • 20 reels
    • 8 images
    • scheduling and posting

Words from our trusted partners

Incase you need more proof we are the right fit for you... take a word from our trusted partners below
Tanya Hennessy
My fave videographer! Cass is my GO TO and has been for years! 🫶 highly HIGHLY recommend xxx …
Stef Edwards
The CBP Team are AMAZING! They have fantastic photography and videography skills and provide great recommendations to create the best possible work. Would recommend to anyone!
Lana Kington
Cass Brothers are beyond a pleasure to work with. The team are talented, creative, professional and bring such enthusiasm to every job. Mikhail has an incredible energy and keen eye (and always fabulous hair)- I couldn't recommend higher and love working with them!

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